An engrossing Hindi thriller movie Amitabh Bachchan and Emraan Hashmi, those two names were enough to draw my attention to this movie. Where were you all these years Emraan? Good to see your nonchalant acting, that fits your role in this movie perfectly. The movie begins with Emraan (the character name is Sameer Mehra) driving … Continue reading Chehre

The Good Wife

Seasons 1-7 review (no spoilers) This was a long running legal/political drama series airing from 2009-2016. Surprisingly, it does not feel outdated at all. Because it is such a stretched out series, each season consisting of approximately 23 episodes, and because the series content and quality also changed over the seasons, let's review it in … Continue reading The Good Wife


A book by R.J.Palacio I highly recommend this book to all kids in the ages of 10-15. And for any grown-ups, who love children's books. I am so happy that I randomly picked up this book Wonder by R.J.Palacio. Before starting it though, I checked on goodreads and was pleasantly surprised to see Rick Riordan … Continue reading Wonder

The Chair

A Netflix series I do not like to write negative or hurting reviews about anything I watch/read/hear. Because producing any work of art involves so much hard work. And when it's a TV show or a movie, the efforts are much more because it requires co-ordination between so many factors, actors, directors, their schedules etc. … Continue reading The Chair


A Christopher Nolan movie Let me first say that it's a superb movie. It is based on a true event that happened during World War II. The allied forces of Britain and France get surrounded by Germans on all sides and get stranded in an island town named Dunkirk. Winston Churchill, then Prime Minister of … Continue reading Dunkirk


A Malayalam Movie Great movies are hard to come by. So many things need to fall in place to make an Epic movie. Something like Bahubali,  everything about it, the story, the cast, the sets, the costumes, are all Epic.  But then along the way comes some very memorable movies, silently making a permanent place … Continue reading #Home